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Birth-Injury-Related Cerebral Palsy December 10, 2016

Many new parents don’t know how cerebral palsy happened to their baby and if it can be because of cerebral palsy birth injury. So many medical personnel are getting away with medical neglect, because of the lack of information for parents about when cerebral palsy is because of birth injuries that could have happened. Here are some of the causes of cerebral palsy, so that you can see if your baby has it because of neglect or not:

Developing in the womb

The one reason where cerebral palsy can’t be because of neglect or because of cerebral palsy birth injury, is when the baby didn’t develop correctly in the womb, especially when the brain of the baby didn’t developed correctly.

This doesn’t happen a lot, but, unfortunately, this can happen, and when a baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy because of development problems before birth, you can’t start a lawsuit against the medical team that handled the birth.

Brain injury after birth or during delivery

There are two reasons for cerebral palsy birth injury causes that are due to brain injury. The first was when it was necessary to use the vacuum for faster delivering, but the medical team didn’t know how to use the vacuum correctly.

Because a new born baby’s brain is very fragile, it can be damaged quickly. And, the vacuum can do irreversible damage if not used correctly. The other brain injury can be because of the head getting bumped accidentally. This can cause cerebral palsy because of medical neglect.

Premature babies not getting necessary oxygen to the brain

When a baby is born premature, the chance that the baby can’t breathe on its own is very high. Then medical intervention needs to take place to assist the baby with breathing and to get the right amount of oxygen to their brain.

When this doesn’t happen, the chance of cerebral palsy birth injury can take place. This is because the brain doesn’t get the right amount of oxygen and is damaged. This can happen because of medical neglect or someone without the necessary experience treating the baby.

Breathing problems after birth

cerebral palsy birth injuryThere are medical teams out there that think when a baby is born; there will not be any complications. This results in not monitoring the baby as efficient as what they should have. The moment that a baby doesn’t breathe correctly for a period of time, the result might be brain damage and cerebral palsy. Check the news coming from http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-best-reads/2016/12/07/avondale-quads-abuse-new-beginning/94343640/

There are so many things that can go wrong with the birth of a baby, and most of these cases cerebral palsy can be the result. There are some cases where cerebral palsy isn’t because of medical neglect, but there are many cases where the baby was born perfect, but because of medical neglect has gotten cerebral palsy. A parent with a cerebral palsy baby has the right to start an investigation to ensure that the baby was neglected during birth or right after birth. And, when cerebral palsy birth injury has taken place, they can hire a lawyer and demand compensation.