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Seek Advice from A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer and Understand If Your Child Is Entitled To Compensation January 15, 2017

A cerebral palsy birth injury can be devastating to an entire family. However, this is quite a common injury for mothers and children around the world. The trouble is that there are several reasons as to why a child can have cerebral palsy including problems during pregnancy and issues at birth. There is also one very serious and alarming reason why a child might develop cerebral palsy and that is through mistreatment or mishandling by a medical profession. That is devastating because they were supposed to help and if you believe there has been some type of mistreatment by your doctor, it’s wise to seek advice from a professional lawyer.

Why Choose A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer?

There are a small percentage of cerebral palsy claim lawsuits that is down to mistreatment by a doctor and when that happens, parents really need help. Hospitals that employ doctors may be very helpful but at times they can be a party to the doctor simply because they are the ones who hired the doctor. That is why it is necessary to seek advice from a trained and third-party lawyer who doesn’t have any ties with any side of the case. This is important as they can review the necessary evidence and find out whether or not there is a case to be answered. If they feel this was a genuine accident and no fault of the hospital or doctor, then they will say; however, if they believe there was malpractice at hand then they will advice you about compensation.

Not Every Case Is Entitled To Compensation

When you find out your newborn child has cerebral palsy, it will be a devastating time and for most parents, they truly believe the doctors are at fault. That very well might be the case but you don’t know and you probably aren’t in the best state of mind to think straight. However, by going to a trained professional, they will help you to understand whether or not there is a case to be answered and whether compensation is a possibility. A cerebral palsy birth injury is a difficult subject because sometimes it is down to pure medical fault by a medical professional and then there are other times when it’s because of a natural birthing difficulty. That may mean there is no-one to blame, not the doctors or parents and no compensation is entitled either.

A Lawyer Will Help If There Is a Case to Answer

Trained lawyers will recognize a legitimate cerebral palsy claim and will take action if you want them to. This could involve talking to the hospital in order to arrange compensation; however, they may also seek to take this straight to court. The course of action can vary from case to case but if the lawyer believes there is a true case, they will advice you and wait to be given the green light for the next step. At the end of the day, it is the parent who usually decides whether to pursue an injury claim against the doctor or hospital at fault.

Compensation Won’t Change the Outcome

While it’s necessary to seek justice and compensation when a doctor or hospital has been at fault and has caused the child harm, parents need to be aware that the outcome won’t be any different. The child will still be affected by cerebral palsy however their quality of life can change slightly with the compensation as it can be used to make their life better. The child can go to a good and potentially a private school where they receive extra care and attention. It’s not always comforting for every parent and yet it’s still something to think about when dealing with a cerebral palsy birth injury.

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